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Why Jamila Naturals?

Jamila Naturals

Jamila means "beautiful". I think that is a perfect description of how mother nature provides for us.

Jamila Naturals began out of necessity. Have you researched the side effects of some of the medications that you give your children? Well, I did, and I was not a happy camper. Here is my story:

My daughter was born extremely premature (25 weeks 5 days to be exact) weighing a mere 1 lb 10 oz. That is not a typo...she was very tiny. With her prematurity came many complications, but for the scope of this post, we will talk about her "premie lungs". There is a more scientific name for it, but I don't remember it. It is treated like asthma, but it is not asthma. My daughter's wheezing was a hacking cough, and she would cough all night long unless we gave her an albuterol breathing treatment twice daily. We gave her these treatments for the first 4 years of her life. After the 4th year, I had enough. Long term side effects included:

  • Insomnia - An abnormal inability to sleep, or insomnia, is a long-term side effect of albuterol, states

  • Agitation - Patients taking albuterol may manifest signs of anxiety and agitation, according to

  • Upper Respiratory Effects - Albuterol can stimulate the production of mucous in the upper respiratory system

  • Uncontrollable Shaking - Patients taking albuterol may notice an uncontrollable shaking of one or more parts of their bodies, according to MedlinePlus. Often seen in the hands, this side effect is caused by albuterol's ability to stimulate the muscle cells in the affected area.

After sharing my concerns with her pediatrician, she recommended one more year. At that point, I needed to take my daughter health into my own hands.

I was sharing this story with one of my co-workers, and a lady overheard our conversation. She said she could help and introduced me to essential oils. I had never heard of essential oils, but she was confident it could help. I did some research and decided to try it. Needless to say, the results were miraculous! I rubbed a blend of essential oils on the bottoms of my daughters feet, chest, back and pillow. Within a month, there was no more coughing. What is the most exciting thing about that is that my daughter has not had an albuterol breathing treatment since.

Since that experience, I have been an advocate for essential oils and other natural solutions. I create an essential oil blend, tea, or other concoction whenever my family is in need. I am the natural healer in my home. It began with essentials oils and evolved to include body care products like deodorant, whipped body butter, and sugar scrub (I will talk about how the evolution began in future posts).

I believed that there had to be an alternative, and I was blessed to run into someone that educated, inspired, and empowered me to chose natural solutions. Now I am passing that gift along to you.



p.s. Try Jamila Naturals Sample Kit is an excellent way to discover the beauty of natural solutions without making a huge investment. We are confident that you will come back for more

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